Travel Classics West 2004

Travel Classics is a small networking conference for top magazine writers and editors.
Low writer/editor ratio:

With often a better than three to one writer/editor ratio, Travel Classics affords attendees and speakers numerous opportunities for meaningful exchanges, off site and on.

Editor presentations and panel discussions:

Writers stay up-to-date with the ever-changing magazine playing field and find out the latest on magazine guidelines and coverage.

Scheduled meetings with four or more editors:

During these fifteen minute consultations, writers get immediate feedback, as they pitch story ideas and get to know the editors one-on-one.

Writer bios and clips sent to editors before conference:

So that editors might better know the writers, Travel Classics sends two attendee clips to each editor one month before the conference.

Off-site dinners and after hours networking:

The networking continues in a more relaxed setting at celebrated off-site restaurants, with all conference participants attending.

Writers contest judged by conference editors:

Serious writers have the opportunity to show editors their best work in manuscript form. A prize is given to the winner. Editors sometimes buy the manuscripts they judge.

Pre- and post-conference trips

Complimentary trips are organized by conference sponsors to facilitate research for writers interested in entering the contest and learning more about the host area.

Work showcased in

Travel Classics brings ongoing visibility and support to conference participants via its web site dedicated to "The Best Writing about the Best Places on Earth".

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