Travel Classics West 2008
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Spa Oasis
Home to some of the best spas in the country, Arizona is a spa lover's paradise. Every hidden corner of the desert features indigenous ingredients that soothe and heal from herbs and flowers to oils and minerals. The many native cultures that have inhabited the land for centuries discovered the revitalizing benefits to these natural treasures and now, they provide Arizona spas the opportunity to treat guests with the ultimate spa experience that can't be found anywhere else.

Experience the marriage of traditional Native American healing techniques and Sonoran Desert ingredients at Arizona's myriad spas and indulge in treatments such as the Blue Bird Facial, Desert Bliss Body Polish, Adobe Clay Purification Treatment, or the Agave Aromatic Water Journey.

Live in the lap of luxury in three of the top destination spas in the world -- Canyon Ranch and Miraval Life in Balance in Tucson and Mii amo in Sedona are consistently rated among the best in the world, solidifying Arizona's reputation as a spa haven.
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