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Conference in Switzerland
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Travel Classics International 2016

Bern and Lucerne, Switzerland
May 18-22, 2016


Thursday, May 19, 9 - 11:00 am
part of the regular conference program

Culinary Delights

    Swiss Baking with Chef Emil Bolli
    Learn more about typical Swiss and Bernese bakery products and take the advantage to make some by your own. You'll learn more about the "Züpfe", Bern's traditional Sunday bread, the "Grittibänz" and the "Spitzbuben", both typical Advent pastries.

    Restaurant Volkshaus 1914
    Zeughausgasse 9
    CH-3011 Bern
    T +41 31 329 22 33
    maximum 10 participants

    Cheese and Wine at the Chäsbueb (cheese boy)
    Join a cheese tasting in the popular shop Chäsbueb (cheese boy), where guests find a competent advice and a selected assortment of first-class cheese from Switzerland. Learn more about the typical cheeses from the region and taste some Swiss wines.

    Kramgasse 83
    CH-3011 Bern
    T +41 31 311 22 71
    F +41 31 312 37 39
    maximum 15 participants

Creative Delights

    Workshop at the museum Zentrum Paul Klee
    Since June 2005 the Zentrum Paul Klee (designed by Renzo Piano) has been presenting to the public the world's most important collection of works by painter Paul Klee (1879-1940). Close to those works, in the Creaviva-Atelier, you'll have a workshop with the artist Franz Brühlhart and create your own art and learn more about the museum and Paul Klee.

    Zentrum Paul Klee
    Atelier 1
    Monument im Fruchtland 3
    CH-3006 Bern
    T +41 31 359 01 01
    maximum 10 participants

    Workshop at Art of Scent - Swiss Perfumes
    Brigitte Witschi and Christian Siegenthaler are best friends since the age of two. With the perfume atelier Art of Scent, they share their passion for scents. At Art of Scent they would like to emphasize the art and creativity surrounding fragrance. Together with Brigitte Witschi, you'll create your own Bernese scent.

    Art of Scent - Swiss Perfumes
    Rathausgasse 49
    CH-3011 Bern
    T +41 31 761 22 18
    maximum 12 participants

Cultural Delights

    Highlights of Bern
    Bern (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and discover the most beautiful as well as some unknown sights of the Swiss capital. This tour is not recommended for those journalists who participate in pre- or post tours in Bern.

    City Tour through the Old Town
    maximum 20 participants
    (divided in two groups)

    Relativity of Time
    Learn about interesting parallels between precise time measurement and Einstein's definition of time. Your tour will begin at the Clock Tower (Zytglogge), where Caspar Brunner's clockwork has been ticking for over 600 years. We will then make our way to the Einstein House together. There, you will learn more about the life and thought of Albert Einstein, and his famous formula: E = mc².

    E = mc² - Einstein in Bern
    maximum 20 participants
    (divided in two groups)
Creaviva; © Phillipp Zinniker
Parfumatelier Bern
Old Town Bern with mountains © Beschrieb
Zeitglockenturm (Zytglogge; Clock Tower);
© Beschrieb
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