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Conference in Switzerland
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Travel Classics International 2016

Bern and Lucerne, Switzerland
May 18-22, 2016


One-day Trip - "Old Basel"
May 22-23, 2015

You will learn details about urban development, events from history, cultural and economic influences that forged the city. Basel is both proud and very aware of its history, but at the same time receptive to everything new. Basel has four ferries that cross the river in the same way as it has been done for the last 150 years. You can ring the bell on the landing pier and step aboard one of the ferries, powered solely by the natural current of the river.
May 22 Basel: Guided Tour, Crossing Rhine by Ferry
Overnight: TBA
May 23 Transfer to airport
Photo: Tourism Switzerland
Photo: Tourism Switzerland
Pre and post spouse/guest fee is $200 per day, payable to Switzerland Tourism.
Media is complimentary.

For questions and reservations, contact:
    Ursula Beamish-Mader
    Manager Media Relations North America
    Switzerland Tourism
    480 University Ave, Suite 1500
    Toronto, ON M5G 1V2
    phone: 416-695-3496 / cell: 647-899-4094 / fax: 416-695-2774
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