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Bill Fink Writers Contest Winner
Best Travel Story Switzerland

Larry Bleiberg
for "The Clock that Changed the Meaning of Time"

"Here in the tower, serenaded by a ticking that seemed to grow louder with every pendulum swing, I began to appreciate, if not fully comprehend, what Einstein was getting at.

Time, I could see, is relative.

Spend an hour with a lover or laughing with friends, and it will flash by in seconds. Sit in traffic and it may drag on for days. But whether you're hiking the Alps, contemplating physics or answering emails, the gears inside Bern's tower slowly turn."

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About the Author:
Larry Bleiberg, has served on a Pulitzer Prize team, and is a seven-time winner of the Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Awards, which honored him for editing the best newspaper travel section in North America.

A former editor with Time Inc.'s Coastal Living and Travel Editor of The Dallas Morning News, he now writes a weekly column for USA Today, and has contributed to the Los Angeles Times, Delta Sky, Westways, Southbound, Red Bulletin, BBC, CNN, and dozens of others publications.

Larry has helped produce several National Geographic books, including the regional food guide Great American Eating Experiences, and created CivilRightsTravel.com.

The contest prize includes: airfare to Switzerland for two, 3 nights in a double room at Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern, 3 dinners in Lucerne for two, two 3-day "Tell-Passes" (unrestricted rail, bus, boat and aerial cableway travel in Lake Lucerne Region), 2 Lucerne Museum Cards, 2 tickets for the Mineralbath & Spa Rigi-Kaltbad, two 8-day 1st class Swiss Travel Passes offered by Swiss Travel Systems, and a guaranteed spot in the 2017 Travel Classics International or Domestic Conference.
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