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Kathleen Mangan Writers Contest Winner
Best Travel Story Arizona

Kathleen Mangan
for "A Sweet Sonoran Harmonic Convergence"

"Leonardo da Vinci wrote in his notebook that our souls are composed of harmony, and if this brilliant thinker is correct, he is dancing here at Cosanti in Paradise Valley, Arizona as I ring and chime and set off all the bronze art bells hand-cast by students to support the Paolo Soleri architectural program.

"The strong Sonoran desert sun glints off the bells and their wind-catchers in burnished gold with tinges of red and weathered turquoise, all in different shapes and sizes. Each one-off bell features unique geometric motifs resembling a private hieroglyphic language encoding the specific sound harmonics. But there isn't a murmur of breeze, no Anasazi spirit to enliven the dry grass, never mind move the extravagantly shaped fins designed to make the clappers strike the bells' interiors."


"When I run my arms through the wind-catchers at once, the tones converge, resonate, echo off nearby boulders, and create a chorus that vibrates and moves in harmony with the landscape and the soul. I am filled with the happiness of a child, and the satisfaction I felt when I first learned to whistle. I imagine Leonardo smiling."

About the Author:
Kathleen M. Mangan won the 2007 Travel Classics contest for Best Story on Ireland; two silvers in the 2013 NATJA contest; and Best Magazine Feature in the 2004 Caribbean Tourism Organization contest. Her articles have appeared in 70 publications, including National Geographic Traveler, Private Clubs, Robb Report, Wine Enthusiast and Men's Journal. Mangan is currently copy editor for The Affluent Traveler. She is a former contributing editor for five magazines including Islands, and former editor of British Motoring. Ireland is her second home.

The contest prize includes a six-night, custom itinerary in Arizona and a guaranteed spot in the October 8-11, 2015 Travel Classics West Vancouver Conference at the Hotel Rosewood Georgia.
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