The Edward-Readicker-Henderson Travel Classics Memorial Scholarship
for New and Unpublished Travel Writers

2017 Winner: Connor Judson Garrett
"Atlanta: Surprising City of Creativity, Culture and Changing Complexion"
Learn more abut Connor and his winning submission


Edward Readicker-Henderson 2017 marks the start of the Edward-Readicker-Henderson TRAVEL CLASSICS Memorial Scholarship, in honor of a gifted writer who embodied the spirit of this conference, which has been connecting authors and editors since 1994.

In the words of his dear friend, Amanda Castleman: "Edward Readicker-Henderson first found his voice hammering out poems on a bookstore's cash register -- all to impress a girl. After years in the guidebook trenches, he attended Travel Classics, which launched him into national magazines. He then blossomed as one of the most original, poetic and philosophical voices in the genre."

Readicker-Henderson overcame decades of chronic illness to tell stories of Polynesian voyaging, his search for silence and Alaska, his homeland. He visited more than 50 countries after doctors ordered him to stop traveling and inspired others to persevere too, through works like "Cheating Death" in National Geographic Traveler and his TEDxMaui talk, "Kill Your Bucket List". He died in 2016 from Crohn's disease and congestive heart failure.

Known for extensively researching and revising, he made "every word not only count, but play jazz." This scholarship now hopes to foster his sense of artistry, courage and -- above all -- wonder among emerging authors.

Learn more about Edward Readicker-Henderson on routeofseeing.com.

About the Scholarship:

If you have talent and want to break into the field of travel writing but do not have the "clips" (published articles) to nail that first big assignment, you are welcome to apply for the Edward-Readicker-Henderson Travel Classics West Scholarship for new and unpublished writers.

How to apply:

1. Submit a nonfiction travel essay of 750 words or less about your hometown (where you grew up or currently live). Only one entry per person.

2. Snail mail or email (no attachments, please) to:
Your email subject line must read "Scholarship submission: (your name)"

Entries will NOT be returned.

3. All submissions must be received by midnight EST on October 1, 2017. Late entries will not be considered.

4. The contest is open to applicants who have been published in blogs, books or outlets with a readership/print run under 10,000. Writing for school or university publications does not count.

5. The contest is sponsored and judged by Maren Rudolph, the founder of Travel Classics. Her decision is final. She may choose no winner if entries fail to meet the required caliber.

6. All applicants will retain copyright on their works, but the winner grants Travel Classics permission to share his or her essay online. Submission indicates acceptance of all contest rules.

The prize:

The winner will receive complimentary accommodations, conference fee for Travel Classics West, and a $200 stipend for air, plus the invaluable opportunity to meet with editors, and hopefully, get that first published story. This grant must be redeemed at the next Travel Classics West Writers Conference, or else it may be forfeited.

Winner will be announced on October 15, 2017.
Ed Readicker-Henderson Ed Readicker-Henderson

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